Smoking Cessation Therapy

Mora therapy is the deletion of the frequencies emitted from the body in a single session around the addictive substance. From cigarette smoking frequency electronics it is given to the body in the form of electromagnetic waves reversed. The aim is to create addictive substances in the body against a cleaned state. Mora therapy will not be any substance to the body.

How is The effect?

Mora therapy acquainted with the status of nicotine into the body is eliminated with a single session. After the application of reduced cigarette cravings and as almost all people who say “that the body does not want to smoke, to hear a request physical state” is experienced. Mora after one therapy application, can not get the taste of old and even if only she knows smoking is to see that different from the old as well as the dependence of the state. The effect is permanent as long as the body and not to nicotine repeatedly insisted introduced.

Before coming to therapy

Drop your business that your time is abnormally intense and at a time when you bring is dominated by an abnormal stress. The lady of the menstrual period, must take care to avoid just before. There is no need to reduce smoking and do a half-day leave before arriving. Do not try to test yourself. Smook as much as you used to smook. Do not take alcohol last night. Smoking cessation evening of the day before (if possible from a few days before) Do not drink alcohol. Last 6 hours to drink coffee. Start taking plenty of fluids from the day before. Please continue to smoke. Make sure to keep the last two of cigarette brands often you smook with you to your appointment.

Mora Therapy Practice

Step 1: We will ask you to smoke prior to application. You smook half cigarette immediately before the application and will use two cigarettes you put into a small glass tube. End domestic cigarettes will be used during therapy, so cleaning with bioresonance frequency, it will be your last cigarette on the inside. That’s why the brand is important that you usually use these cigarettes cigarettes. You’ll be sitting in a comfortable chair while Mora therapy. Your hands will be the electrodes of the device. Your feet will be stepping on special conductive plate. The wound in your forehead to find another electrode. Applications will run from 30 to 50 minutes and you will experience a relaxation-calm state at this time, it is also possible to feel light-headedness. In this case, the session will disappear when finished and is not a condition that prevents you from driving or you will keep your job. There will be a meeting with the doctor while you do the session. In this interview you motivation assessment to be made and some guidelines that we recommend that you follow the release process will also be discussed ways to go on the psychological dependence.

Step 2: a mixture of ethyl alcohol in the treatment of smoking cessation electromagnetic frequencies taken from non-modified – will be given to salt water. This liquid will be subjected to load in a small bottle elektrohomeopatic other words. The continuation of homeopathic treatment liquid to be used at home. During the day time to time drops under the tongue.

Step 3: Homeopathic chip also be used to continue the treatment in a manner similar to liquids. This chip will be attached to the bottom of your belly with a tape processing aid removed from the device at the end. During his stay opposite the non-chip electromagnetic information on you will continue to give to your body. Chip chip attached to your body can be affected from water bath and swim.

After Therapy

After MORA therapy against toxic substances in the body of a cigarette detoxification (cleansing) must immediately start drinking water. Non-owned and electromagnetic bond because of the toxins that have built the tissue in your body is settled is broken with MORA-Therapy and toxins that could be tried in every way to be taken from the body. Drink plenty of water requirements is to speed up the clearance process through the kidneys.
Sessions and cleaning after the first two days it was the most difficult period. Cause of fatigue and nausea may be mild after the sessions also are trying to rid the body of these toxins. These days do not take alcohol, drugs, drugs for other than you use regularly, avoiding physical activity will force the body and the rest is recommended.

The attempted expulsion of toxins from your body is a major breakthrough in the skin of the person replaced. The first few days to spend some more time in shower, enter the sauna or make pouch will help excretion through the skin.

Another breakthrough is the way to cleanse the intestines, it is advisable for you to take you to prevent a possible constipation situation after smoking cessation. But the leap from time to time in the intestine may be encountered with more intensive on-site using a mild diarrhea.


Mora standard method of smoking cessation therapy is one session of 45 minutes. More the effect of the applications is provided by the chip. When applied as a standard in one session, depending on the constitutional or psychological differences, some people may need additional support sessions. In this case you are performing a support session between 2 and 7 days FREE. You can contact us to learn about the price.

Is There Any Side Effects?

Mora Method For many years been used in smoking cessation therapy. There has been serious side effects reported so far. However, the cleaning effect of non-treatment, the second stage of toxins. In case of failure to comply with warnings about detox, especially of persons; weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, headache, nausea and sweating stomach complaints such as habitable.


MORA T. C. Ministry of Health “Class 2 Medical Treatment Device” is a therapeutic device has received approval. About the effects of smoking cessation use of bioresonance method as there are no scientific studies have been published at this time. Therefore, an application made by biorezonans smoking cessation “medical treatment” is not to be considered in a training activity in this tie against smoking and complementary.

Mora therapy Who does not apply to?

Mora therapy, the cardiac pacemaker, to the stent in the heart of patients with epilepsy, and the first three months of pregnancy is not recommended.